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Beginner Classes Enrolling Now! Kid's Karate in Reading Teaches Discipline & Self Confidence!

Kids Karate

Reading Kids Karate

With Reading Karate for Kids little one will gain confidence, improve motor skills, learn to pay attention and follow directions, plus gain a positive ôI can do itö attitude. Children ages 4 years & older are taught life skills that will give them a great start.

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Adult Martial Arts

Reading Adult Martial Arts

The KickFit Reading Martial Arts system is a blend of traditional and contemporary Karate and Martial Arts that offers not only an effective self defence programme, but also a means for personal and character development along with self-discipline.

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Kickboxing Fitness

Reading Kickboxing Fitness

KickFit Martial Arts Schools offers a variety of programmes that will fit your family needs. Our Mums and Dads are getting in the best shape of their lives while having a great time learning valuable and practical Self-Defence with Reading Kickboxing.

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Latest News & Updates

Developing Self-Discipline
A disciplined person is a person who knows what to do and then does it.Someone without self-discipline knows what they should do, but just doesn’t get around to doing it.Discipline, like a muscle, is ...
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How to Improve Your Front Kick
Your foot position is very important for an effective front kick. You're aiming to strike through the target with the ball of your foot.To get this right try pointing your toes like a ballerina. Then ...
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